Who Are We?

Footprint Design is a small web design company in Port Elizabeth. Of course, this does not limit us in any way with regard to client location. We are prepared to deal with clients from anywhere in the world.

Our sales team is headed up by Saffyre Smith, so if you have any queries please contact her via the "Contact Us" page. Technical question can be put to Andrew Higgs who heads up the design and hosting sections.

We have many years of experience in the web design industry and have produced many sites and intranet web applications. See our gallery for further details.

We strive to create websites which are appealing, standards compliant and render correctly in all browsers (whether the browser is compliant or not). As a result, all web sites are hand coded in a text editor. We do not use any web design tools as these typically produce additional unnecessary code.

If you would like to speak to someone in connection with the design of your website or you just have a simple question or suggestion then please "Contact Us".