Manual – Header Detail

linBMD - Header DetailAll information, other than the transcription data, is captured on this page.

The layout is fairly simple so there should be nothing to hard to understand here.

File-naming Convention
This will simply change the way in which files are named. You should check with your Syndicate Coordinator to see which is their preferred method.

Created and Modified Dates
Dates can be handled automatically. This means the “Create Date” is set when you start a file and the “Modified date” is changed when the file is saved. You may also take control of the dates by selecting “Use Own Dates”. When this is done two extra buttons will appear. Use these to set the dates.

File details
Here you setup the file details such as “Source Type” (Scan, Film or Fiche), “Type” (Sequenced, Random, One name), “Event Type” (Births, Marriages, Deaths), “Volume Format” (9z, 99, XX), “Quarter” (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec), “Year”, “Page”, etc. “Character set” should normally be left blank unless non ASCII characters are used.

Scan reference and comment
Double check with your syndicate coordinator what is to be filled in as the “Scan Ref”. “Comment” is typically left blank unless you would like to convey something specific to the viewer of the file (i.e. perhaps to acknowledge someone else’s contribution the file).

Personal information
These should all be self explanatory.

Configuration file
All the items on this page with a blue dot or label will be saved to the configuration file for re-use. Also included in the configuration file will be the current settings for “Skip Surname” and “All Capitals for Surname”. These can both be set either on the “Transcribed Data” tab or on the “Configuration” menu.