Manual – Transcription

linBMD - TranscriptionThis is the business end of the program. You will capture all transcription data on this tab.

Here we will describe some of the main features and settings available on this tab.

‘Skip Surname’ option
When you are transcribing many of the same surname, you can select this option so that focus is set automatically to the firstname and not the surname. The surname will be filled in.

Note: The surname will always be inserted even when “Skip Surname” is not selected. To change the surname simply start typing, when the surname cell has focus, to change it completely or hit F2 to go into edit mode and change the end of the surname.

‘All Capitals for Surname’ option
If, like most genealogists, you like surnames to be all capitals then select this option.

Pick lists
Pick list contents is automatic based on the column in which data is being entered. To select from the list simply press “CTRL” + the number of the item and it will be inserted.

Short cut keys
Some short cut keys to make transcription even easier. Well hopefully.

Key Use
Esc Inserts the contents of the cell above into the current cell.
F9   Select a special character (Hint: After selecting the special character press F2 to re-enter edit mode on the cell. This is being worked on.)
F2 Set the current cell to edit mode and puts the cursor at the end of the contents
Enter or Tab Move to the next cell. If the picklist only contains one item insert it into the current cell.

Saving a file
Choose “File”|”Save”. Files are automatically saved in the directory from which linBMD was run (typically /home/user/linBMD) using the file name shown to the right of the “Filenaming Convention” selection box.

Opening a file
Choose “File”|”Open”, select the file you want to open and it will be done. If the file was created using other software, please confirm that the file has been opened properly.

If not, I would like a copy of the file (at leaset the header and first 2 lines of the transcription) and the name of the program used to produce it so that I can ensure these are imported correctly in future.